Global Team Club

It’s no secret, you need traffic, you need sales, you need to build your businesses. It’s virtually impossible to utilize all the best free advertising resources. However, when you build referrals in those advertising resources, you’ll find it’s a win/win scenario for you. You will get more traffic, make more sales, get more sign ups, and make more money. We know it’s virtually impossible to utilize all the best advertising resources and it’s certainly impossible to promote them all efficiently….until now.

Global Team Club, offers you a simple, complete, free system, that works. Let me make this clear, you pay $0. There is no OTO here. No hidden fees. No bs. While I’m at it, let me make something else clear, you do not receive a slew of emails from Global Team Club. We all get enough email as it is. How does Global Team Club work?

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TrafficG Website Promotion

TrafficG does it again and Brings you another amazing improvement.
Geographic and Interest Driven Targeting

Members Can now select from a range of targeting options they want Pls Modify or add sites in the members area.

* Interest Targeting
* Country Targeting
* Region Targeting
* Unique Traffic
* Faster Traffic Delivery
* Full, Semi or None Targeting Modes
* Intelligent “Fuzzy” Targeting
* Low Targeting Coal mining rights

What is Targeting?

Targeting allows us to instantly pick the best sites to show members while they want surf, this means better quality visitors to your sites and a more enjoyable surfing experience. Instead of just picking a random site to show a visitor, We match sites to visitors. If you say “I only want to show my site to people from North America Who Are Interested in ‘Food & Drink'” then We Will do our very best to show your sites to visitors using targeting Those options.

How does Targeting Work?

We use a special kind of auto-Degrading semi-intelligent super-targeting system. When a visitor “requests” to see a site the system automatically Finds sites the user has expressed an interest in seeing. This means your site gets the very highest quality visitors at all times. Also this system delivers very high quality unique traffic, unique Generally over 95%. (Once all our systems are upgraded, We hope to achieve a constant 100% uniqueness)

If I turn off all the targeting options, or select only one option will of targeting, I still receive unique visitors?

Yes, the system will from the always try it’s hardest to deliver 100% unique traffic.

How do I select the targeting options for my sites?

Can you alter your sites targeting options by clicking on the “Title” of Each site from the main statistics / assign credits page in the member’s area. You Can Also Pls set the targeting options you add new sites, Can you add more sites at any time by clicking the “Add Sites” link in the member’s area.


Make money with Conduit Rewards

Whatever Can be done on your web site,
Can be done with your custom app
Make reservations, order tickets, shop, play games, watch videos, check e-mail, and much more. Replicate your business strategy on your web app and make more money.
More users means more business
When you’re part of the Conduit Network Can you share with all your Offers Conduit on their publishers and all of Millions of users. It’s a whole new world of potential customers.
Make money with Conduit Rewards
Sign up for The Conduit Rewards program andstart earning revenue right away!
Get paid for Each toolbar installation
The more useful and fun is your toolbar, the
you’ll make more money!

Why chose Conduit?
See why over 90% of publishers have Chosen Conduit toolbar
100% free – no hidden costs

The Conduit platform and all of its tools are free for you to use, always. There are never any product or service costs, regardless of how many toolbars you create community.
Hosted, on-demand 100%

Create your Community Toolbar in minutes without the costs or headaches of software development, deployment and maintenance. Can anyone create a Community Toolbar-no coding or technical skills are required.
Fully controlled by you

You choose everything That goes on your toolbar – logos, content, applications, colors, icons everything is controlled by you. Can you choose the Among Thousands of options from the Conduit Marketplace or Can you upload your own stuff.
Turnkey solution

That Conduit provides everything you need to create, launch and promotes your Community Toolbar. The easy-to-use platform guides you through Each step in the process from building the toolbar, Preparing the download page, to customizing promotional banners and reviewing the analytics.
Safe & Secure

TRUSTe The Conduit platform was thoroughly reviewed by TRUSTe and earned its prestigious Safe Download Certification. Conduit does not collect or distribute user information, EVER.
Search powered by Google

Your Community Toolbar comes with a Google-powered search box. Plus, Can you add your own custom searches – as many as you like, including ones specific to your website.
Real-time updates and push technology

Roll out updates to your toolbar in real-time. Dynamic updates instantly push new features and content to all your subscribers simultaneously, with no software installation or updates required.
Works on the most popular platforms

ie-ff-safariYour Community Toolbar works in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, the most popular browsers for the Web.
Open platform

Conduit does not restrict the toolbar publishers, and lets Them Easily create and integrate their own toolbar components without the need for special technical knowledge. Our API toolbar cans interacting with any website or software. It’s all part of Conduit’s Community Toolbar philosophy to give publishers the means to create a toolbar that’s Uniquely theirs.
Fully Localized

Every element of a Community Toolbar – including logos, buttons, and download pages – Can be Localized into any language. In fact, publishers have already created toolbars toolbars in more than 80 languages and have distributed more than 120 Them in countries.
Innovative, Powerful technology:

* Patented technology (U.S. Patent 7,529,766 B2)
* Award-winning platform
* Inventors concept of the Community Toolbar
* Powerful infrastructure, no scalability issues
* Advanced APIs