IPad Fever

The world community call it, “The Book of Jobs”, Following the chapters in our scriptures, when describing the presence of the iPad products introduced by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc. IPad be a phenomenal product, with horrendous. atusiasme consumers exceeds the iPod and iPhone several years ago.

In just four weeks, iPad sales figures exceeding one million units and the end of May Apple plans to sell products globally throughout the country.

From a business standpoint presence will suppress the iPad in anticipation for the printing industry, publishing, and broadcasting. Just as the iPod became the music label industry and competitors, as well as changing the distribution mechanisms of l-world music through Apple stores.

Impacts generated by the presence of Apple’s products are also evocative of industries, including automotive industry. IPad products and iPhone is now integrated with luxury cars, like BMW.

Another phenomenon is the presence of the Apple Store, which lets customers choose the songs, videos, TV series, books, and various applications for the sake of entertainment, games, and work can be purchased or in the download for free.


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